Sunday, 15 June 2014

Week 22 & 23

It seems since the rise we lost most of our residents and are reliant on new fish coming in and stopping. Although there were few salmon caught the sea-trout have been giving us some good sport in both during the day and the evenings.

Week 22 Tim Brentwood landed a lively sea trout from Browns Hole and his son Sam, fished hard into the night and was rewarded with his first Dee Sea-trout, the evenings can be a magical time and well worth going out.

The water came up to 3'5" and colored which slowed things down for us, although we did see fish in the first pool in the Tanar-burn hiding from the torrent of water coming down stream. We couldn't get at them very easily so Sam and I took the saw out and cleared a stretch. We unfortunately didn't manage to get one this time, but I know where I will be looking next time we have a good spate!
Needless to say they had gone by the following day.

Richard Eeley landed a grilse of 5lb from Tanarmouth for the Craigendinnie rods, but it was the sea-trout which gave the sport. A total of 6 Sea-trout and a Salmon for the week, disappointing but enjoyable. Hopefully the salmon will arrive with the extra water.

Week 23 was unfortunately yet another tough week but the party was great fun. The water was a little colored all week which didn't bode well, its strange to me that the Dee salmon definitely don't like the colored water whereas in most Scottish rivers it is the norm.

We had showers all week but nothing to rise the water dramatically until Saturday, Nick Spaven broke our duck on Thursday with a cracking 10lb'r from Tanarmouth, and Jane Spaven followed this up with a sea-trout from the Lorne. On Friday we had a little action in Symonds no hook up but some great boils and follows to the hitch fly, fishing the hitch is something that always gets my adrenalin going!

We christened the new Craigendinnie hut with an evening of Johnathan's famous paella, cold white wine and great company!

On Friday night it rained hard and by Saturday the river was big and colored, despite the tough conditions, Jane winkled out a sea-trout from Tanarmouth with her new found speycasting skills, and the Craigendinnie rods had some great sport catching 3 from Jockie Fyfe.

On Saturday evening Chris caught a 3lb grilse and and 8lb salmon, again from Tanarmouth. Another tough fishing week but everyone was great company and we had some sport toward the end.

It seems Tanarmouth is starting to produce fish on the lower beat, I'm hopeful it will start filling up with a few residents. Again, this time of year the evenings are fishing well and worth the effort to go out.

With a little luck Saturdays spate brought some fish through to us and they will start holding.

As ever, I am optimistic for next week!