Thursday, 15 May 2014

Week 18

Last week started promising, fish were seen in most pools in the upper beat, the river at 1"4' and 50'F.
Eric Wardle (Craigendinnie rod) landed a 6lb fish from Tanarmouth on the Monday. Unfortunately the river rose and things went a little quiet on the beat, fish were reported up stream but seemed to keep their heads down.
Wednesday morning, the river was up and coloured, Richard landed a 7lb'r from Symonds on a Park Shrimp Conehead with a sink tip, followed by his father David who lost another. By Thursday we were at 1"9' and falling, another fish from Symonds was caught by Richard Franklin who had just joined the party a beauty 10lb fresh springer from Symonds, Craigendinie bank.
This week was testing to say the least with the water up and down, which kept the fish moving on through, Richard managed to move a fish in the New Pool which has now been opened up as a high water pool, and lost another in Lower Fontie. Craigendinnie rod Robert Hall Jones caught another fish from Symonds in the evening.
This week saw the first fish from Symonds on the Aboyne Castle bank, and I'm sure the first of many!
A thoroughly enjoyable week with lots of laughs and some exploring new waters, despite the unfortunate rise which pushed fish down the perseverance payed off with 4 on the bank and others lost.

I am very optimistic for next week, with no rain forecast the river should be dropping nicely, and fish moving upriver watch this space!