Thursday, 22 May 2014

Week 19 Top Beat!

Last week was one to remember for me on the beat so far this season.

The water height on Monday was 1"5' and due to fall all week, so after last weeks rise and  no rain forecast I was sure this week we were going to see salmon in some numbers.
Nick Marriner and Andrew Robertson who have both fished here for over 30 years were my rods for the beginning of the week, I had Nick two weeks before who spurred me on to open up the New Pool so I was keen to learn some more of his secret spots!

Monday started pretty average, we were seeing a few fish in Crofts and Symonds but couldnt seem to induce a take, wee doubles and floating lines were the choice, that failing we tried a sink tip etc but to no avail. Nonetheless it was encouraging to see a few more fish about and we were optimistic!
On Tuesday we were out of it a little on the lower beat, whilst George and his rods on Craigendinnie had a cracking morning with two fish landed from Crofts and one lost from Jockie Fyfe.
We had touched one in the Lorne but all seemed a little quiet on the bottom beat until 5:00pm when Andrew managed to winkle one out of the Lorne. A fish of about 4lb's.

So with the duck broken we were eager for Wednesday to start with the water at 1"2'; 50F (perfect) and us back among the fish!

Andrew started off the morning with a flying start, 3 fish from Crofts on the first run down!! A real mixed bag with a sea liced Grilse, a Fresh 6 lb salmon and a slightly coloured 7lb'r. There had obviously been a movement of fish from the middle river. Nick in the afternoon landed a spanking fresh 10lb spirnger from Symonds! The phone rings and George has a salmon and sea trout to book in for Aboyne Castle bank from Browns Hole.

This was Andrew's last day and one of the best mornings he has had on this beat in a few years so a great way to finish the 3 day trip! Nick Still had a day to bring the Tally up, which he proceeded to do in style!

Thursday morning, Nick landed a 6lb'r from the Lorne before heading up to Plantation, he has caught the first fish of the season from plantation for 3 years on the trot and wasn't going to let us down this year, by the time lunch time had arrived he had two fish from the tail of Upper Plantation!

Before leaving on the Friday he called with yet another to book in from Crofts the evening before! Actively following Fishpal with Crathes not far behind, our two rod beat was in the lead! Something I must admit I wasn't expecting to happen in my first season.

All good things must come to an end as the old adage goes, and it seemed by Friday the fish had moved on through and things went very quiet. A real shame for Tom and his Micheal who fished for the last 3 days but hopefully next year they will be among the fish aswell.

It seems the Upper Dee is starting to perform a little better now, I'm sure not like many of you will remember from the good old days, but for a young green Ghillie to the Dee like me it is certainly nice to get my net wet a little more.

It seems floating lines and wee black doubles are doing the trick, size 12 - 14. and the evenings are definitely worth a cast!

I am hopeful for next week and confident that if they are there we will catch a few!

Not many pictures this week so just a couple of wildlife shots.